Unusual jobs with animals that pay well

Some people prefer the company of animals to that of people and when you think about it there are a lot of benefits to working with animals. They are generally pretty obedient, they don't answer back and they will always remain loyal to you. If you have a burning desire to work with animals then why not break the mould and try one of these more unusual jobs with animals.

Sheep shearing
Sheep require shearing once or twice a year, the cut fleece is then often sold and used in a variety of products from woolly jumpers to insulation. Sheep shearing is a physically demanding job and requires you flip a sheep onto its rear in order to complete the cut. Generally shorter, stockier built people are best suited to this type of work. There are numerous agricultural courses available that will teach you the techniques needed to become a successful shearer. Shearing sheep is all about speed since your salary is based on the number of sheep you cut in a day.

become a sheep shearer
For hardworking grafters with good technique, this can also be an extremely lucrative career; it's not uncommon to make US$500 in a day.

Professional horse trainer

A professional horse trainer is paid to train other people horses for a variety activities from show jumping to horse racing. Most horse trainers were previously enthusiasts who decided to convert their hobby into a professional career. Some people attend college to learn specialist skills in halter training, lunging and ground driving. For other people, they can acquire these skills by working as an apprentice for an experienced horse trainer and gradually taking on more responsibility. For successful horse trainers this can prove to be both a personally rewarding and extremely lucrative unusual career.

Dog behaviour specialist
Dog behaviour specialists are involved in the training and re-training of dogs that have psychological issues such as anxiety attacks, aggressive traits, fears, phobias and general problems with obedience. For many people, their dog is a central part of the family unit who is often cherished (and spoilt), so it can be extremely upsetting when a family pet develops an anti-social disorder. You can train to be a dog behaviour specialist by completing a course at college or university. There are also numerous books available to equip with additional skills and the latest techniques. Most dog behaviour specialist work on a freelance basis and can charge anywhere from US$30 to US$120 an hour for a private consultation.

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