Unusual jobs with six-figure salaries!

If you asked most people for an example of a high paid job, perhaps they would say a lawyer, a doctor or a Wall Street banker. These are certainly well paid jobs but there are other more unusual jobs out there where people routinely earn six-figure salaries for doing something out of the ordinary that’s often a little risky too.

Underwater Welder
Underwater welders are highly specialised individuals that carry out welding repairs on structures that can’t be brought onto dry land. For example, they may be required to repair an oil rig platform out at sea or an oil tanker moored in the ocean. The job is certainly dangerous as they use electric welding equipment, often at great depths, in order carry out the work. To enter this field you need to be both a first-class welder and an experienced diver. Most underwater welders work on a contracted self-employed basis often charging over $1000 a day for their services.

Arabic Language Translator
If you possess fluency in both Arabic and English and you don’t mind working in Iraq you could find a very lucrative role as an Arabic translator. Translators are required to help army personal communicate with civilians. Competent translators command salaries over $150,000 a year; however the good salary is also a reflection the inherent risk in this job. Translators have to travel extensively and you may find yourself working in unpleasant and dangerous situations.

Alaskan crab fisherman

Air Traffic Controller
Air traffic controllers work in towers and communication centres helping pilots to navigate the skies efficiently and arrive at their destinations safely. Controllers work in a fast paced, high pressure environment and are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day. With this responsibility comes a good salary, experienced controllers routinely earn in excess of $150,000 a year. To enter this field you must have an aptitude for maths and physics plus possess excellent communication skills.

Alaskan Crab Fisherman
Alaskan crab fisherman are some of the highest workers in the world earning as much as $50,000 for 3 to 5 days work. However there is no guarantee to this salary, the work is seasonal and it’s also extremely dangerous as you sail into treacherous, remote locations. If you run into trouble you’re on your own. The working conditions are also extreme with most fishermen only sleeping for a couple of hours a day.

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