Smell something fishy? Life as an odour tester.

Imagine going to a dinner party and explaining that you smell things for a living. Sounds bizarre? Well I guess it is, yet an odor tester is responsible for the smell of a great many of the products we use every day. Consider your daily life and the smells that you come into contact with; shampoos, deodorants, washing up liquids, perfumes, washing powders. All these products use smell as a way to market them and it's an odor tester jobs to keep the consumers nose happy. So what does a odor tester actually do and are their noses subjected to a daily barrage of unpleasant armpits?

odor tester
As a career
Odor testing is quite a scientific job, a lot of your time will be spent in a lab testing and analysing results before making changes to improve the smell. As a result most odor testers will have a degree in chemistry as you will need to understand how different substances can affect the smell. Many industries require odor testers and you could be testing anything from microwave meals to household paints. It's certainly an unusual job and apart from the odd unpleasant armpit, life as a odor tester should be a pretty rewarding career.

The benefits
Well it must be pretty fun to know the smell of a product you created, such as a deodorant, will be smelt by people every day. Not many people could lay claim to that fame. Plus the salary is above average, experienced odor testers earn around $45,000 (30,000) per year. Not bad for using your nose to get ahead!

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