Who dunnit? Try your hand as a murder mystery host.

The lights go off and everyone gasps.And then comes the muttering, followed by a deathly silence as you all await what you know is sure to happen next: it comes suddenly.someone cries out through the darkness, the lights snap back on and there, on the ground, is yet another dead body in a pool of blood which defies any logical explanation whatsoever! No, it's not your worst nightmare come true (that comes later.), it's a murder mystery weekend, and it's your job as one of the 'lucky' guests to find out who the murderer is, before it's too late.

Popular with holiday makers for years now - and made even more so by the legion of murder mystery and crime novels written by literary greats such as Agatha and Christie, not to mention spates of TV series like Poirot, Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder - a number of UK (and world wide) locations act as the venues for such events, so why not make a career out of being a host / character, rather than always being on the receiving end? And don't be put off if you're lacking an esteemed career in the theater. Most companies will consider hiring people with a passion for the genre, providing they possess the suitable enthusiasm to make the evening's entertainment as fun-filled and exciting an experience as possible. After all, it's your job to thrill and scare so you'd better not let people down!

Murdr mystery

To become involved in this highly creative role you will, of course, need boundless enthusiasm, an encyclopedic knowledge of murder mystery throughout the ages and the capacity to be a convincing villain who is un-rattled by intense questioning, bumps in the night and it wouldn't hurt if you were a damn good liar, too: murder mystery as an industry has come a long way since its initial inception many years ago, and events have never been more sophisticated than they are today. As such characters are relied upon for both the success of the weekend and to insure future bookings are made, so you'd better make sure that when it comes to acting dead you have a certain something about you that sets you apart from all the rest.

Unlike many other job descriptions which exist in number online, there are actually very few job openings for this obscure yet thrilling occupation. Likewise, while there may be some suitable courses on offer, training for this occupation is largely on-the-job - with most staff having some former level of experience with amateur dramatics, if not theater - and many find themselves in a position to take on the role after working at a holiday resort for some time in another capacity (possibly as an entertainer or guide). Those thinking of pursuing a career in the murder mystery world, but lack any basic theatrical training, are advised to obtain at least some certifiable experience of acting before approaching guest houses or stately homes. After this is achieved, have a look on Google before contacting the various holiday companies in writing and enquiring about any available positions they may have coming up. Failing this, you could always choose to start your own privately run business and maintain full creative control of the murder mystery in hand.

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