If you're into out-of-body experiences, become a clairvoyant

Over the last ten years, offerings from the movie and TV studios have increasingly featured the paranormal – from the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to vampires, demonic possessions, the Old Religion, mediums and telepathic aliens, all portrayed with the latest technology. The paranormal, it seems, is hotter now than when we lived in caves! It’s a great time for ‘sensitives’ to plan a career as a clairvoyant.

‘Clear Vision’ – the translation from the 17th century French word meaning the use of extra-sensory perception – is achieved in the real world by a number of methods such as Tarot card or palm reading, the use of crystals, astrology, trances, healing, dream reading and other means of awakening the practitioner’s latent psychic ability in order to stimulate pre- or retrocognition – the ability to predict the future or recall the past. Sadly, it’s never as easy as in the movies and, even now, is highly controversial. Basically, paranormal ability is an intuitive sensitivity to that which surrounds you but is unrecognisable by the five senses.

become a clairvoyant
Obviously, no educational qualifications are required for this unusual job, although a sensitive approach to communication with clients is top of the list of personal qualities. A good way of determining whether your instincts are strong enough for clairvoyancy is to take a course in healing, whether Reiki or another spiritually-based healing technique. Power is drawn through the practitioner from an unknown source and passes through to the patient, relieving painful symptoms by realigning the energy flow of the body. If you’re successful with this, you may be suited to clairvoyant techniques.

Meditation is another tool in establishing contact with the paranormal world, and sensory deprivation experiments aimed at stimulating clairvoyant abilities have produced interesting, if challenged, results. Traditionally, mediums and clairvoyants communicate with, for want of a better word, spirits who inhabit another ream – nowadays referred to by New Age groups as ‘channelling’, a technique which goes back to the dawn of human history.

Much advice is available online regarding how to become clairvoyant, focusing on the removal of negative reminders of your past as well as negative thought forms and associations. Trusting your intuition and encouraging positive thoughts and a peaceful mind-set, listening to and trusting your feelings, meditating on the bodily chakras and their colours and finally communicating with your subconscious mind are all ways to develop the skill. Remember, your gut feelings are the basis of the intuition which allows your clairvoyance to develop.

As regards a salary for this unusual career – it’s up to you. Many people who develop their clairvoyant abilities use them to help people without expecting payment, perhaps within the Spiritualist Church as a medium or by advertising in local papers. The typical TV tales of clairvoyants being employed by the forces of law and order to clear unsolved crimes are fun to watch, but TV isn’t the real world! The benefits of clairvoyance itself to the practitioner may well tell you which way to go!

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