20 very funny & unusual jobs adverts taken from Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular free adverts site on the internet. It’s a great place to sell your sofa or look for a new job but occasionally someone posts an advert with a title that makes us laugh. Here is a collection of the ‘best bits’ from Craigslist – all these adverts were completely genuine!


  • Experienced Bra Fitter – I wonder what counts as experience?
  • Administraive/ Secretary – ok, it’s pretty obvious you need some help.
  • Finish Carpenter – for when the start carpenter gets tired
  • Molecular Biologist II – begs the question what happened to the first one?
  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker – would it not be easier to buy a machine for 30 dollars?
  • Self Storage Manager – is there not some irony there?
  • Licensed Seamless Gutter Contractor – absolutely no idea what this jobs entails
  • JOB COACH – sounds like your putting the cart before the horse
  • Sandwich Artist – how to make a sandwich maker feel good about their job
  • KIDS KAMP INSTRUCTOR! – no spelling ability required
  • HOUSE MANAGER/TEEN SUPERVISOR – otherwise known as your parents
  • The easiest SALES JOB, EVER GONE FISHING WITH DYNAMITE? – surprisingly no
  • Nail Tech – are nails technical?
  • Drive Around Round Rock and get paid!! – sounds straightforward
  • Mother repairer – all mum’s need some TLC from time to time
  • PHP Ninja – computer whizz kid by day, martial arts expert by night
  • Get Paid to Wave and Dance!!!! – even I could do this
  • ROCKSTAR DEVELOPER – who said bands were manufactured these days
  • COMMERCIAL space hunter – is that the same as an astronaut?
  • Honest Politician – ok, this one was made up!

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